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Discovering Healthy Filipino Dishes for Weight Loss at The A-List Clinic


Incorporating diverse and nutritious foods into your diet is crucial for effective weight loss and overall health. Filipino cuisine, known for its bold flavors and unique combinations, offers several dishes that are not only delicious but can also be adapted to fit a healthier lifestyle. At The A-List Clinic, we understand the importance of enjoying what you eat while staying true to your weight loss goals. Here, we explore some of the healthiest Filipino dishes that can be part of a balanced diet, promoting both satisfaction and weight loss.

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1. Sinigang (Tamarind Soup)

Sinigang is a popular Filipino soup known for its savory and tangy flavor profile, primarily due to the use of tamarind. This dish is packed with vegetables like water spinach, radishes, eggplant, and tomatoes, making it rich in vitamins and minerals. The lean protein in Sinigang, typically fish or pork, provides the necessary nutrients without adding excessive calories. Opting for fish or shrimp in your Sinigang can enhance its health benefits, offering omega-3 fatty acids that are great for heart health.

2. Chicken Tinola

Chicken Tinola is a comforting ginger-based soup that is both nourishing and light, making it perfect for weight loss. The dish includes chunks of chicken, often cooked with the skin removed to reduce fat content, and is laden with nutrient-dense vegetables like chayote and malunggay leaves (moringa), which are known for their health benefits, including high levels of vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. Chicken Tinola can be particularly hydrating and satisfying, helping to curb appetite and prevent overeating.

3. Inabraw (Dinengdeng)

Inabraw, also known as Dinengdeng, is a vegetable stew that exemplifies the Ilocano people’s skill in creating dishes that are both simple and nutritious. It combines a variety of local vegetables such as bitter melon, squash, string beans, and moringa leaves, all of which are fibrous and low in calories. The dish is flavored with grilled or fried fish, providing a good source of protein. Inabraw encourages the consumption of several vegetable servings in one meal, boosting fiber intake which is essential for good digestion and long-lasting satiety.

4. Grilled Bangus (Milkfish)

Bangus, or milkfish, is a staple in Filipino cuisine and is especially beneficial for those looking to lose weight. Grilling the fish rather than frying helps keep the calorie count low while preserving its rich flavor. Bangus is also a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart health. Serve it with a side of steamed vegetables or a fresh tomato salad for a balanced meal.

5. Bulanglang (Vegetable Soup)

Bulanglang is a clear broth vegetable soup that is light on the stomach and low in calories. It often includes ingredients like squash, string beans, and leafy greens, simmered with a bit of ginger. Sometimes, lean meat or seafood is added for protein, but the focus remains on the abundance of vegetables. This dish is hydrating, filled with nutrients, and perfect for those on a weight loss journey looking for a filling, low-calorie option.

Filipino cuisine offers a plethora of dishes that are not only steeped in culture but also beneficial for health and weight loss. At The A-List Clinic, we advocate for a balanced approach to dieting, where you can enjoy the flavors you love while making progress towards your weight loss goals. By choosing dishes like those listed above and paying attention to portion sizes and preparation methods, you can enjoy the rich flavors of Filipino cuisine without compromising your health. For more personalized advice on healthy eating and weight management, visit us at The A-List Clinic. Let’s make your weight loss journey deliciously satisfying!

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Czarina Enriquez