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How It Works

Have you tried diet after diet and didn’t get the results you wanted? Have you attempted various exercise programs but still didn’t lose the pounds? At The A-List Clinic, we will work with you to reach your personal weight loss goals without any crash diets. We don’t provide a one-size fits all approach and instead curate a treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle. 

Our 4 step process is simple!

01. The Intake

Book your consultation and fill out the intake forms/consents.

02. Labs

If you don’t have any recent labs within the past 6 months, we can have blood work done by our labs at a discounted rate.

03. The Initial Consultation

In this 30 minute visit, we will review your labs and get to know you. Visits can be done in person or via telehealth.*

04. Treatment and Follow Up

You will receive your medications in the mail! We will follow up with you once a month and you will have unlimited access to the provider.

*only to California residents